Blog Post Your Belief System Rules Your Life

Your Belief System Rules Your Life



Your Belief System Rules Your Life


Do you believe that you can earn ten million rand this year?


Why not?

Don’t worry about it just yet, you are in the majority, most people feel the same way. “Ten Million Rand” We say, “I will never earn ten million rand in a year”. Our belief system tells us that we can not do it so we do not even try.

We all have a belief system that prescribes what we can achieve. Our belief system has been built up over the years from our parents, from our teachers, from the people we meet, from the television, from our culture, from our religious leaders, and from what we see and hear around us. Our belief system is telling us what we can achieve and what is not possible to achieve. Our belief system is controlling our destiny and in most cases our belief system is holding us back. What is in your belief system right at this moment that is holding you back?

Our belief system started to develop back at school. The teacher says to little Johnny “I am sorry Johnny, but you are never going to be an artist. You may be an accountant one day but you will never be an artist.”

Teachers are always right, of course, (Parents are often wrong, but teachers are always right!) so Johnny does not try to be an artist. Seventy years later Johnny looks back at his life and says “You know, my teacher was absolutely right. I never became an artist”.

What is in your belief system right now?

You are living in the house that your belief system tells you to. You are married to the person your belief system thinks you deserve (good or bad). You earn what your belief system thinks you should earn. Your belief system rules your life. If you want a different life you have to change your belief system first.

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