Closing every Sale – Keynote

Closing Every Sale Keynote Richard Mulvey

Closing every Sale – Keynote

Handling difficult objections and closing every sale


Managing objections and the close are the most important parts of the sale but are so often handled badly. We are not good at closing the sale. In a recent study undertaken by a local security company, salespeople ask for the business in only 34% of the time and this is not unusual. In this work we make the close simple but very effective, and take the lid off all those difficult objections.

  • – Learn when to close and when not to close
  • – Find out how closing can be fun
  • – Learn four steps to closing any sale
  • – Discover the different types of objection and how to handle them
  • – Objections are opportunities, find out how to look forward to them

How often do your sales people do all the hard work then forget to ask for the business? How often is a sale lost because an objection is badly handled? In this seminar for sales people at all levels we analyse objections and the close and discuss a few simple rules that will make a big difference to your strike rate.

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