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Keynote - Future Rep

If you are a sales person your job is in danger of going like the dinosaurs. Most sales people will be out of work in 10 years and it will not be the strongest who survive, nor the most intelligent, rather is will be the sales people who are most adaptable to change (to paraphrase Charles Darwin).

Clients know what they want. Procurement departments have access to more information about solving their own problems than ever before and they don’t need us to provide solutions, they know the solution! Solution selling is on it’s way out.

– Email is on its way out to be replaced by instant messaging.

– Face-to-face visits are on their way out to be replaced by Skype.

– Skype will soon translate on the fly including the mimicking the tone of your voice. No need to fly to Japan or Germany to make a sale, just use Skype.

– Your desk has gone, but you have access to all the customers you will ever need in your pocket.

– Your entertainment allowance has gone but you are still in a position to close more sales than ever before.

Big data is the key to future of marketing and the best sales people will be so well armed with customer information they will know what the customer had for breakfast. Literally!

Everything is interconnected.

Your old methods, even though they are working fine right now, will not work in the future.

The future is not what it used to be.

All is not lost. There will still be a place for salespeople in the future but they had better be up to date and ahead of the competition.

The future is a runaway train and the places on the train are limited. It doesn’t matter what you do, you are either on the train or you are on the platform. Watch out, in just a few short years there will be no place for the sales people still left on the platform.

Future Rep will help you and your sales team come to terms with the future and put you ahead of the competition.

• Learn how to bring your old selling methods right up to date.

• Learn up how to use technology to improve your results.

• Discover how you can keep your job as a salesperson and close more sales.

• Find out the best alternative to Solution Selling.

• Using technology to strengthen your relationships.

• Discover how to expand your territory exponentially.

• Sell from virtually anywhere – Sell to virtually anybody.

• Learn how to become a Chef instead of a Sales Hunter or Farmer.

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