High Value Sales Negotiation – In House

High Value Sales Negotiation with Richard Mulvey In House training

In-House High Value Sales Negotiation

Negotiation skill can be learnt but mastering the art needs proper training and practice. Mastering your negotiation skills will bring you measurable bottom-line results. Very often in negotiation you do not have time to consider, you are called upon to make an instant decision that may change your business fortune. Mistakes made in negotiation can be costly and in this two day course we not only provide the skills but also give you an environment to practise the skills to make sure they stick.

The best negotiation results are achieved when you consider not only your position but also that of your negotiation opponent. This kind of negotiation technique is known as Win-Win or collaborative problem solving and is proven to be far more effective in getting the best results and preserving the relationship. This two-day High Value Sales Negotiation training includes practice and role play to ensure that the skills are embedded. If we are not skilled negotiators we are not skilled sales people.

Richard Mulvey in house sales training

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Course Content

Module 1

1. Discovering the essentials of effective negotiation
2. Learning the key elements of a successful negotiation to ensure Win-Win solutions – Own Objectives – Other persons objectives
3. Creating a sound negotiation framework
4. The Key to conflict resolution

Module 2

1. How to waste less time and get better results
2. Preparing for a Negotiation
3. SWOT Analysis
4. Starting with clearly defined objectives
5. Preparing your own checklist to include – Your NDA (No Deal Alternative) – Setting Goals –  Supporting your argument – Analysing the other party

Module 3

1. Deal or No Deal – Discover what Win-Win really means
2. Mastering different negotiation techniques for different business deals
3. Developing a Win-Win strategy
4. Examining the pitfalls to avoid in Negotiating
5. Building ‘partner’ relationships
6. Recognising the power of strategies

Module 4

1. Ensuring both parties are on the same page
2. Listening Assertively
3. Respect and Trust
4. Brainstorming sessions
5. Negotiation Shield
6. Learn when to say no
7. What is a good deal

Group Exercise

1. Prepare a draft checklist for your organisation
2. Discussing techniques to draft a negotiation plan and agenda

Role Play

1. Putting together negotiating strategies
2. The $2 game

Contact Richard for a training quote

We do in house training and can work with your teams wherever they are.

Who should attend?


Senior Sales People, Sales Managers and anybody who has to recruit and manage Sales People