Do you want to start a speaking business this year?

Would you like to grow your existing speaking business?

Influence is a speaker development programme that will help you share your skills and knowledge with others and make a good living while you are at it.

Richard Mulvey, one of South Africa’s leading speakers and past president of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa, is happy to share his experience with developing a successful international speaker business with you at less that the fee of one day’s work as a speaker.

The flagship product is the Influence 52-week speaker development programme. This programme includes direct contact with Richard Mulvey for a full year while you develop your speaker business. Each week you receive an email which includes advice and suggestions to get your going. At the end of each week there is homework to complete and send in for comment. Every month there is a Skype call with Richard Mulvey to discuss your progress and offer advice to help you get to the next stage. At the end of the year, if you follow the 52 week programme, you will have developed a successful speaker business. The 52 Week Speaker Development Programme is just $2,000.

The 52 week programme will help you achieve the following:

◦    A fine-tuned niche to focus your speaking career
◦    A well written book to become the authority on your subject
◦    A professional DVD to sell
◦    Other products including MP3s, books, ebooks etc
◦    Guidance with other niche related products
◦    Video clips to put on your website and Youtube or Vimeo
◦    A speaker website
◦    A social media presence
◦    A well crafted keynote speech
◦    A good 20 minute speech for showcases and meetings
◦    At least one showcase appearance
◦    An integrated marketing plan
◦    The skills needed to find your own audiences
◦    Personal help and advice when it is needed
◦    Attendance at Richard Mulvey’s speaker boot-camps at a greatly reduced fee. Click here to find out more about the next Speaker Boot Camp.

We will not be creating your web site, recording videos, or writing your book for you of course, you will have to do that. What we can do is advise and encourage, helping you to create your products and the marketing material needed to advertise your speaking ability.

Contact Richard to discuss enrolling in the 52 week programme, including attendance at twice annual Speaker Boot Camps.

If your budget does not stretch to the full 52 week programme you can do the shorter course online. There is an eleven lecture Influence programme online that will get you started in the business. The good news is that your investment of $99.00 on the virtual course is fully refundable if you then decide to do the 52 week programme above.

To sign up for the virtual programme, please click on the link below.

You may not be able to attend the virtual course so there is a 2 DVD set of Richard Mulvey presenting his influence programme. The investment of just $25.00 for this DVD set is fully refundable on the purchase of the virtual training or 52 week programme above.

To buy the Influence DVD set click the button below. It will take you to the Professional Resources site where the item can be purchased.

No time to watch the DVD? Buy the Influence book which comes complete with two CDs of Richard Mulvey presenting the material. As with the other options, the price of the book at just $15.00 is fully refundable against the cost of any of the products above.

To buy the Influence book click the button below. It will take you to the Professional Resources site where the item can be purchased.

Still not sure? Why not start with the ebook at just $5.


Click on the link below to order it. You will be redirected to the Professional Resources website.

What Our Clients Say

Eberhard Niklaus

When I started my speaking career a year ago, I came across Richard Mulvey’s “52 Week Speaker Development” program and thought that this is just what I need; a mentor who has decades of experience to learn from. It was with excitement that I commenced the program, as I looked forward to learning from someone who was already a success for many years. Richard’s course helped me develop many skills and techniques as a speaker and trainer. The weekly content was enlightening, practical and gave me focus and direction. The program covers everything from how to be a good speaker to marketing your services, as well as many “tips and tricks” for someone just starting out. It includes voice quality, making your own video clips, social media advertising, developing a keynote speech, developing sales strategies, organising your own events, and so much more. What the program did for me was instil confidence and enthusiasm. The course also provides for regular Skype chats with Richard himself.

I would certainly recommend this program for any aspiring speaker.

Eberhard NiklausMotivational and Sales Speaker
Chris Bertish

Richard Mulvey is a great speaker and a speaking mentor for all speakers.
His vast experience and knowledge is invaluable and will help anyone getting into the speaking game, whether it part time or as a full time professional. I can only recommend him with great praise and wish you all the best on this very challenging but rewarding journey!

Chris BertishBig Wave Surfer and Speaker