Blog Post The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Sales Leaders

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Sales Leaders



The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Sales Leaders


A sales leader is truly a rare breed of salesperson. A sales leader is respected by customers, friends, and colleagues. A sales leader is effective, not because he has a lot of money (although he often has) and not because he closes a lot of sales (although he often does). The real sales leader is effective because he is able to achieve great results by being open and honest, trustworthy and dependable, reliable and committed to his customers above all else.

It is often said that if you want to be successful then identify and copy some else who is successful in your field. Highly Effective Sales Leaders have a few things in common and if you want to join this rare bunch of people then all you have to do is copy their habits. Although sales leaders are rare it is not difficult to be one. It is a choice that we all make every day and most of us get it wrong. We are often seduced by promises of higher commissions if we sell this product rather than that. We are persuaded, by so called experienced sales people, that it is okay to lie as long as the customer believes you or it is okay to over promise as long as you get the order. This short-term approach to selling may make the company happy for a while, but watch out!

Highly Effective Sales Leaders:

• Understand that selling is not about your product or service and your need to sell, rather it is about the customer and their need to buy.

• Know that body language is a very convincing communication tool that we all use, all of the time to communicate feelings. The problem with body language is that it is almost impossible to fake. A smile that is just seen on the face will not be convincing. The smile starts from the heart and grows onto the face. If you want to convey the feeling that you are glad to see a customer, be truly glad to see that customer and your body language will show it.

• Have discovered that a promise to a customer is cast in stone. If you over promise to get an order you will be rich for a day and poor for the rest of your life.

• Never lie to a customer. This is not a grey area in selling and half-truths are, in fact, lies. If you lie to a customer they will find out, they always do. It may be your body language while you are lying or something you say later that doesn’t match up. Often their subconscious tells them that you are lying, whatever it is they will know and will not trust anything else you have to say to them.

• Will listen at least 4 times as much as they speak. Selling is all about providing solutions to customer problems. Finding out what that problem might be, and going into detail to discover the best solution to offer them, is all about listening.

• Have developed a very positive attitude to their work. They never blame transport or production for a problem that has occurred. They take responsibility themselves, knowing that is the only way to make sure it is fixed and not repeated.

• Understand that the only way to true success is through co-operation. There are three steps to working with other people:

Dependence – Where you have to rely on your boss to tell you what to do.

Independence – Where you learn to work on your own

Interdependence – Where you discover that the best way to achieve a successful outcome is to work closely with other people.

Highly effective sales leaders have other things in common that seem to develop from the above habits. They are all likeable people, they seem to be relaxed even when times are tough, they will always be at the front cutting the path rather than at the back being driven. They also tend to be physically fit, knowing that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind (and a longer life as well).

Being a highly effective sales leader is not difficult; all you have to do is copy their habits.

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