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It’s a Mission


A couple of days ago I had a different request from a Customer.

“Richard, I would like you to join myself and the other board members at a meeting to discuss and finalise our new mission statement”

It seems that the company had changed and the directors could not agree on a new mission statement. They wanted me to go along and facilitate the discussion with a view to creating a mission that would, apparently, “proactively and assertively customise new paradigms to better focus on our customer base”.

The problem is that I do not all together agree with Mission Statements. And I especially do not agree with Mission statements that are developed by the board and passed down to the team.

There is only one item that should be passed down and that is the Vision. It is important that the senior people (Person) have a dream, a vision of the future to give the company direction. The rest, Goals; Objectives; Strategies; Targets; and the Mission Statement should be bottom up, not top down.

If you want to develop a mission statement try Dilbert’s Mission Statement Generator. The way this works is that it takes a series of random Nouns, Adjectives, Adverbs and Verbs, and creates very good mission statements.

The words they use are similar to that “Bullshit Bingo” game that was doing the rounds a couple of years ago:


content, paradigms, data, opportunities, information, services, materials, technology, benefits, solutions, infrastructures, products, deliverables, catalysts for change, resources, methods of empowerment, sources, leadership skills, meta-services, intellectual capital


maintain, supply, provide access to, disseminate, network, create, engineer, integrate, leverage other’s, leverage existing, coordinate, administrate, initiate, facilitate, promote, restore, fashion, revolutionize, build, enhance, simplify, pursue, utilize, foster, customize, negotiate


quickly, proactively, efficiently, assertively, interactively, professionally, authoritatively, conveniently, completely, continually, dramatically, enthusiastically, collaboratively, synergistically, seamlessly, competently, globally


professional, timely, effective, unique, cost effective, virtual, scalable, economically sound, inexpensive, value-added, business, quality, diverse, high-quality, competitive, excellent, innovative, corporate, high standards in, world-class, error-free, performance based, multimedia based, market-driven, cutting edge, high-payoff, low-risk high-yield, long-term high-impact, prospective, progressive, ethical, enterprise-wide, principle-centred, mission-critical, parallel, interdependent, emerging, seven-habits-conforming, resource-levelling

Just randomly pick any of the above and you will create a quite useable Mission Statements like:

We professionally pursue interdependent information to allow us to synergistically foster effective methods of empowerment


The customer can count on us to quickly enhance prospective information in order to efficiently restore competitive services to set us apart from the competition


Our goal is to efficiently promote high-quality leadership skills so that we may conveniently restore innovative solutions for 100% customer satisfaction


We strive to competently negotiate multimedia based content to meet our customer’s needs


Our mission is to interactively restore long-term high-impact opportunities to allow us to authoritatively promote multimedia based information while promoting personal employee growth

or my favorite:

It is our business to synergistically promote prospective infrastructures and dramatically administrate seven-habits-conforming solutions to exceed customer expectations

There are many things that Corporate South Africa can be proud of, the Corporate Mission Statement, decided upon behind closed doors, framed and placed in the Reception Area for all to ignore, is not one of them.

In my leadership course comming up in July, I will talk more about the correct way to produce a Vision for your company, department, or team and then get the members of your team to develop a Mission that they are commited to.

Leadership is all about Vision, Strategy and Change

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