Leading with 20-20 Vision 

Keynote - Leading with 20-20 Vision

The most important part of leadership is to develop a vision that will inspire your enthusiasm, sell that enthusiasm to the members of your team and then relentlessly drive towards that vision to create your company’s glorious future. – Richard Mulvey

Management and leadership are different. Great managers are often not great leaders and great leaders usually find management challenging. Successful businesses need both good managers and good leaders if they are going to not only survive but also achieve greatness.

In Leading with 20-20 Vision, Richard Mulvey explores the principles of developing a vision to help lead your company onto the next decade.

What is your vision?

Most businesses have no idea where they are going outside the targets for the year and making money for the shareholders is just not enough to motivate and encourage your team. There has to be more.

To build a lasting vision leaders have to give thought to the values, ideas and activities you are most passionate about. What do you really care about? Visualise what it will be like to achieve this vision.

Share your vision with your most trusted advisors. What does your mastermind group think? Learn what the futurists are saying.

Then sell that vision to the team to inspire and motivate them to greater activity.

Leading with 20-20 Vision is a one hour keynote or a full day workshop for team leaders who want to develop their skills and take their team to the next level.

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