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Meditation for the business person



Meditation for the business person


A while back, I was being driven to a seminar by a good friend and we got to chatting about meditation. We talked about the process and how helpful it had been to me over the last few years, then I was asked the big question, “How do I stop the chattering in my brain when I meditate?” so I thought I would explore the subject in this weeks Richard’s Review and maybe answer that one.


I discovered meditation a few years ago. Of course I wasn’t the first to do this and I won’t be the last, but until that time I had no idea how powerful this simple process could be.


I had heard of meditation of course, and remember the Beatles going off to discover themselves, but I always thought that meditation was for the others, who ever they may be. “I have my feet firmly planted on the ground” I would tell anybody who was prepared to listen.

In my naivety I thought that meditation was something to do in the lotus position, staring at a candle chanting “Ommmmm” but, as with many things I didn’t understand, there is a lot more to it than that.  Of course you can do it like that but you can also meditate in your office, sitting in the chair you are sitting in right now, just experiencing the calmness around you. What calmness? The inner calm that is always there waiting for your to find.


Of course this state is not always called meditation. In medicine you will here it called restful awareness and in many religions it may be called prayer.


Meditation is easy and before you discard this as nonsense, why not give it a go? What have you got to lose?


The bodily changes in meditation are almost exactly opposite to the stress symptoms that we talked about a few weeks ago. The breathing slows, blood pressure falls, and the stress related hormone levels fall as well. Even though the body is resting in meditation the mind is awake. According to Dr. Deepak Chopra, people who regularly meditate develop less hypertension, heart disease, anxiety and depression, which can’t be a bad thing for the busy business person, and there are no medical fees involved. Studies have shown that people who meditate live longer. Depak Chopra goes on to say that the best time to meditate is early morning or early evening.

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So, now you are interested how do you do it?


There are as many different meditations as there are people who meditate but the simplest way to start is to use the “So.. Hummmm” technique. Find a quiet place, sit back into the chair with your arms and legs uncrossed.


Close your eyes and start by feeling your body relax all over. Breath deeply and when you inhale think “So” to yourself when you exhale think “Hummmm”. You will then start a steady rythem of “So… Hummmm….. So… Hummmm” etc. When you exhale feel yourself getting more and more relaxed.


Your mind will drift off into other thoughts, this is natural and when it does just gently go back to thinking “So… Hummmm”.


Like all good things this will take a little practice but even after just one session you will feel invigorated and ready to face the business day.


Occasionally you will experience a thoughtless state of deep relaxation. Just stay there for as long as you feel comfortable.


In business meditation can be a wonderful asset. It can calm you when everyone about you seems to be losing their heads. It can show you the way when there seems to be no way ahead. It can help you find the ‘better you’ needed to make difficult decisions. It can remind you where you have been and how blessed you are to be here now.


In Meditation you can find the younger you that has always been there waiting to be listened to. You can talk to the great leaders and thinkers to ask their advice. You can even meet up with your parents and grand parents and anybody else that has had an influence on your life.


If you have read this far I urge you to try it. Just follow the simple steps above and then let me know how you feel.


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