Blog Post Take a three minute break every hour to reduce stress

Take a three minute break every hour to reduce stress



Take a three minute break every hour to reduce stress


This is a very good technique to become more relaxed (and therefor more effective) during the day. You may like to try the following 3 minute meditation:


Sit upright in your chair with your back at 90 degrees from your legs and right into the back of the chair. Uncross your legs and place your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands on your lap, one on each knee. Now close your eyes. (okay, you may have to do that bit after you have finished reading this.)


Take a deep breath in through your nose and hold it………. Now let it out through your mouth with a sigh…… Ahhhhhhh. Do that again, in through your nose, hold it for a few seconds and let it out through your mouth…  Ahhhhhhhh. Now do the same a third time…. Ahhhhhhhhh.

Now feel your body relaxing. Start with your feet and relax the muscles……. Feel the tension going out of them. Now your legs……. Relax all the muscles in your legs…… Feel them getting heavier as they become more and more relaxed…… Next relax your body and your arms….. Feel your fingers become more relaxed and heavy on your knees. Now relax all the muscles in your face… Your eyes… Your mouth… Your forehead and your neck. Feel your brain relax as you think of nothing at all……


Clear your mind of everything and imagine in front of you a staircase with 10 steps going down. Every where else is black and open in front of you but the staircase is light grey. Stand on the top stair (number 10 ) and look down the stairs. The stairs are very comfortable and welcoming and you know if your were to walk down the stairs you would be going down deeper inside of your own being.


Now go down to step 9. You know feel the stairs even more warm and welcoming. Continue on down and each step you take you are going deeper into your self. Step 8 , 7, 6 and now 5. With each step feel a deeper sense of warmth inviting you to go deeper. Step 4, 3, and now 2……… As you get to step 1 at the bottom of the stairs you notice that the space in front of you is infinite and empty, each side of you, above you and behind you is the same, as far as you can see it is empty and infinite. You look down and see the same, a wide open and infinite space beneath you.


Step off the last step and feel yourself floating in this infinite space. Gently you turn to show yourself that you are in control, you can go where you like in this infinite space, or just stay where you are, floating and totally relaxed.

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When you feel ready, step back onto the bottom step….. step 1. Slowly and thoughtfully you climb the stairs again, one at a time, ..2….3…..4…..5 bringing yourself back to consciousness. You become aware of your body again 6…..7…. When you get back to step 8, take another deep breath in through your nose….. Hold it for a few seconds…. and out through your mouth…… Ahhhhhh. You will be nearly at the top of the steps now. Take two more slow deep breaths and when you get to step 10 you may open your eyes.


How do you feel now? Well I don’t know about you but I feel good just reading this through.


I have recorded this 3 minute meditation as a .wav or .mp3 file and I would be very happy to e-mail this to you if you would like to hear me talk you through this process. Just write an e-mail to me ( and I will send you the 3 minute meditation.

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