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Management can be described under 3 main headings Plan, Organise and Control. Good managers understand that they cannot do everything themselves. We have to be able to manage our team and ourselves if we are going to encourage better performance. In this section we will include online courses that will help you manage yourself and your team.

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SME Management Training Online Richard Mulvey

Decision Making

Decision making Richard Mulvey

Your ability to make good decisions is critical to your success, but how often do we get it wrong? As entrepreneurs we often ‘fly by the seat of our pants’ making quick decisions to solve the problems we are faced with rather than taking time to analysis the problem and coming up with the best solution.

This course will guide you through a simple process that will help you make much better decisions. There is nothing wrong with quick decisions if they are made instinctively, however, quick decisions that are made emotionally will often fail and sometimes fail disastrously. This course will help you make the right decisions every time.

Time Management

Time Management Online Training Richard Mulvey

Nothing gets done without time. No progress is made without time. Having the right people, high quality unique products and an eager customer base would be of no value, unless time is added to the equation. Time is instantly perishable and cannot be stored, yet no business can be done without it. Time is also finite. Unlike other resources if you don’t use it today, you can’t use it twice tomorrow to catch up.

Time has to be managed, and the better you manage your time, the better you will manage yourself and your business.

Negotiation Richard Mulvey

We all negotiate every day for something. Whether it is at work or at home, the skills are the same, but how often do you get the best results? The skills required to get better deals are not complicated and in this course we will go through those skills and give you an insight as to how high level negotiations are undertaken.

We have all heard abut getting ‘Win-Win’ solutions in our negotiations but how many of us understand exactly what that means. Win-Win is certainly not ‘Split the Difference’ or ending up with equal shares as people often think. ‘Win-Win’ is all about making sure both you and your negotiation opponent believes you are getting the best deal possible.

Do this course and you will never leave money on the table again.

Managing Meetings

Managing Meetings Richard Mulvey

Coming Soon

Instead of hating meetings, a properly organized meeting, can be fun and very productive. As business owners and entrepreneurs we have to attend meetings and organize our own meetings. In addition our team will often have to arrange meetings with clients as well as internal meetings to make sure there is an accurate and balanced exchange of ideas.

This course will help you organize more effective meetings.

Managing Change

Managing Change Richard Mulvey

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Change is one of the most important factors in any business but how many of us are good at managing the change that is happening around us? Entrepreneurs and SME owners have to able to look ahead and anticipate change but what about your team? Are they able to cope with the constant changes that are happening in business?

In this course we will look at the predictable dynamics of change – if you know how people will react, you can anticipate and minimize the effect. We explore the value of a Will/Skill balance that will help you predict how each member of your team with respond to change and then consider how you can manage that response.

This course will help you take advantage of the changes that are happening around you.



Subscription Training Option

Online Subscription Training Option Richard Mulvey

Online Training Options

There are two options. Each online training course is $29. However for a subscription of just $10 per month you can have access to all the courses in the business school. Subscribe now and this special price will be locked in until December 2018. This special subscription price is available for just three months until 31st March 2018. After that and new subscribers will be paying $20 per month.

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