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The words ‘Selling’ and ‘Marketing’ are often confused so lets make sure that we understand the difference. Even at the most senior corporate levels of there is some confusion here so let’s see if we can sort this out.
Traditionally marketing is based on the 4 P’s.

Product – Price – Place – Promotion

Marketing includes researching consumer trends and developing the products in line with these trends; planning the advertising campaigns; controlling the public relations department and it’s output; developing the sales approach; encouraging an appropriate corporate image; handling the social media; designing the brochures, website and mobile app, preparing annual reports and any other media that would be seen by a potential customer.

Your investment is just $29 for each course but if you sign up for the online subscription and get access to all of the courses for just $10 a month.

Small Business Marketing Training Online Richard Mulvey
Grow your Customer Base

Business is all about attracting customers and then keeping them. The more customers you have the more sales you will make.

It is 5 times more expensive to get a new customer than it is to keep and existing one. It is 15 times more expensive to get a customer back that you lost in the past.

In this course we explore how to dramatically grow your customer base and how to hang on the them when you have them.

Creating Raving Fans

Create raving fans marketing training Richard Mulvey

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Once we have started to grow our customer base we have to learn how to make sure they come back over and over again. We all know that customer service is important but providing excellent customer service is no longer enough if we want to grow our business. We have to develop “Raving Fans”. If a customer goes away satisfied he or she will probable return.

If you turn a customer into a Raving Fan they will not only return but also tell their friends about the wonderful experience they have had at your business. Creating Raving Fans is not difficult however.

In this course you will learn how to create Raving Fans to ensure your customers return over and over again and bring their friends with them.


Marketing your Business

marketing your business training Richard Mulvey

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Selling and Marketing are two different things and people often confuse the two. Selling is part of marketing but traditionally marketing is based on the 4 P’s. Product – Price – Place – Promotion. There is more to it than that, and in the course we look at the ways you can market your business. Online advertising like Google Adwords and Facebook, traditional marketing formats like print and media advertising, creating and maintaining your database, simple market research, developing the right product and how the customers will react to it.

We will also look at more modern approach to marketing your business like running webinars, speaking to large audiences, content marketing, writing blogs posts, developing your website etc.

Subscription Training Option

Online Subscription Training Option Richard Mulvey

Online Training Options

There are two options. Each online training course is $29. However for a subscription of just $10 per month you can have access to all the courses in the business school. Subscribe now and this special price will be locked in until December 2018. This special subscription price is available for just three months until 31st March 2018. After that and new subscribers will be paying $20 per month.

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