Positive Selling

The Most Effective and Cost-effective Sales Training Helping your Team to Close More Sales

“Business has been tough for the last year or two.” I have heard that statement many times recently and I know from my clients that they are changing the way they do business to become more competitive.

Having said that, there has been a decline in the demand for sales training over the last two years as well. Companies are scrutinizing every cent that is spent, and if there is not an instant return on the investment the budget it cut. This is an understandable knee-jerk reaction to a challenging business environment but it cannot be sustained for a long period of time. Training is an essential investment for any business and without constant training, skills go into decline along with the bottom line.

Now, we have a choice of training. Traditional short courses for salespeople work well but they are expensive and unless the skills are supported, delegates often revert back to their old behaviour.

Effective and cost-effective training can now be achieved with better, long term results with Live, Online Sales Training is the answer.

The Power of Positive Selling live, online, one-day training course is designed for new and experienced sales people who need to up their game with new skills that will help them close more sales. This interactive course is being held online on the 30th July from 09:00 to 16:30.

In addition to the live course with the downloadable workbook, delegates will also receive the Power of Positive Selling ebook and complimentary registration for the sales micro-learning program, 3 to 5 minute sales video clips delivered to their inbox twice a week for a year. The micro learning program is designed to support the training and remind the delegates of the skills they need to apply.

The Course Structure

The live online sales training course is highly interactive with breakaway sessions after each section to ensure that the skills are discussed and understood. There will also be organized breaks for delegates to answer their emails etc.

The course is designed to cover the basics from attracting new customers to closing the sale, and all the stages in between. The course content will be most valuable to external salespeople who have to find new customers and generate continued business. Click here for course program.

The platform for the Live Online Sales Training Program is Zoom. This is the most effective training platform with each delegate able to see and chat to the other delegates as well as the presenter.

The delegates can easily be on a laptop, a tablet or even their smartphone, however the training will be most effective if the delegates can find a quiet place where they can concentrate and take notes.

There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion on any of the issues raised and each delegate will leave the training with a clear understanding of the principles involved. The microlearning program will start as soon as the training is finished, reminding each delegate of the skills learned and the need to apply the skills turning them into habits that will produce greater results.

Date: 30th July

Time: 09:00 – 16:30 (South African Time GMT +2)

Training platform: Zoom.Us

Venue: Your office or quiet space

Investment: US$ 85 or R1,200

(20% discount for three or more people attending from the same company)

To register click here

About the Speaker

Richard A. Mulvey SAHoF SdPFA is a highly acclaimed motivational speaker, past Sales Director and author (20 Books including 8 best sellers). Over the last 25 years Richard has trained over 200,000 business people in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Richard is also past President of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (2007-7 & 2016-17) and has received the top two awards in the speaking industry (Speaker Hall of Fame & Founders Award). Richard’s style is as entertaining as it is informative and his provocative opinion will fire your enthusiasm leaving you with a desire to hear more and eager to get out there and do it