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In House Practical Leadership Skills Richard Mulvey

In House Practical Leadership Skills

Do you have good leadership skills?

Of course you can manage well enough. You have the skills to get the job done but have you been trained to lead?

Develop the skills to lead!

Richard Mulvey offers the two-day Practical Leadership Skills course which is designed to give each delegate an understanding of what it takes to lead and some practical experience in applying these skills.

The course contains four modules of three hours intensive training, assignments and interactive discussion. The course is designed for team leaders of all levels of experience and will be most suited to middle and senior management. Each delegate receives a comprehensive set of notes to refer back to, a folder to keep them in and a certificate of attendance.

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Course Outline

Module 1

Introduction to Leadership Skills
The course will take, as its main thrust the three steps to good leadership.

Vision – Strategy – Change

Each step of the way we will explore the skills involved and apply these skills to an ongoing case study.


We will start this section by reviewing some of the great visionary thinkers and their style of thinking and then application of ideas.

Creating a Vision – Polishing the vision

Mind mapping and free association.

Thinking skills – Thinking exercises

Module 2


Having created a vision the leader will need a plan and this module will focus on the process and pitfalls of developing firm Strategies that work. Drawing from the experiences of companies all over the world we will look at success and failure and we will attempt to make the lessons learnt relevant to South Africa in the 21st Century.

Strategic Thinking
Scenario Planning
Planting Seeds
Identifying Leadership potential in others
Strategic Planning

Module 3

Converting Strategy into Action

This is the key to the course and converts thinking into action. The back room boys can discuss the relative merits of comparative strategies for weeks but the leaders get out there and make it happen.

Selling the vision
The board understand the need for a new strategy but what about the shop floor? “Buy in” from all levels is an essential part of leadership and we look at the skills to “Sell” the idea to the team.

Managing Change
Change is a fact of life. Resistance to change however is the most common cause of strategic failure. We enforce change rather than create a culture of change and when the pressure is taken away the team will resort to their previous behaviour. This section will lift the lid on the potential pitfalls, and offer a proven structure that works.

Module 4


Motivating yourself and your team

It is your attitude that makes the difference. The skills are important of course, but it is your attitude that decides whether you use them. In this section we will develop techniques that will help you control your attitude and that of your team giving you the best chance to succeed.


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We do in house training and can work with your teams wherever they are.