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In House Practical Sales Management with Richard Mulvey

In-House Practical Sales Management

Managing a sales team is different to the usual management challenges. Not only does the sales manager have to manage the sales team but often has to be a first class sales person as well. In addition they have to be good leaders, manage their team to produce measured results and they often have to be able to recruit the right people to sell.

Their main challenge is to manage the sales team to produce the best results but good sales people are often not good employees and sometimes allowances have to be made if we are to close more sales. Every challenge is different. Sometimes we need to employ ‘Farmers’ to develop relationships and grow the customer base. Other times we need the ‘Hunters’ who love to close but don’t have the staying power to farm. Some sales people have to be strictly controlled and others do well with no control at all. Good sales managers are aware of the difference and the need to manage these people differently.

Not only do sales managers need to manage and motivate their people carefully but they also have to be able to develop sustainable sales strategies, control the technology around them, manage the areas the team work in and often take over if the sale is a big one.

The Practical Sales Manager’s Course has been developed by Richard Mulvey to cover the essentials of first class sales management. This two-day course is split into two sections and is designed to ensure that the skills are not only learnt but also applied on a regular basis to produce measurable results.

Each course contains four modules of three hours intensive training and assignments The course content (outlined below) will give each person attending a sound understanding of basic selling skills using actual examples in their own industry.

Each delegate receives a comprehensive set of notes to refer back to and a certificate of attendance.

Course Content

In an ideal world a sales manager would be appointed to a position and then given a free hand to select their team. We do not live in an ideal world however, and sales managers are often appointed to manage an existing team, some good, some not so good; some new and enthusiastic with little skills, others who are old campaigners with no enthusiasm at all, and from that they have to produce results. It is no surprise therefore that the first day of the Practical Sales Management course focuses on recruiting and managing sales people.

Richard Mulvey in house sales training

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Course Outline

Day One

The Hunters, The Farmers and the Farmer’s wife
Recruiting the right people and developing a team
Interviewing techniques
Managing Change
Setting Goals together
Coaching and Mentoring
Commissions and incentives

Day Two

Planning, organising and controlling the sales team
Developing a vision for the sales team
Developing sales strategies
Using technology to improve sales
Managing Performance and Measuring Results
Motivating your Sales People to sell

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We do in house training and can work with your teams wherever they are.

Who should attend?


Senior Sales People, Sales Managers and anybody who has to recruit and manage Sales People