S-EX in the Workplace

S Ex in the Workplace Richard Mulvey

Doing Something EXtraordinary at Work

Aren’t you just sick and tired of mediocrity?

Aren’t you tired of your team being happy doing ordinary things and achieving ordinary results while each of us has what it takes to be extraordinary? In Richard Mulvey’s new keynote he is going to help your team uncover Some EXtraordinary talents.

Your team will learn how ordinary people can do Some EXtraordinary things. They will learn how to achieve Some EXtraordinary results at work and in their private lives.

First Richard starts with a S-EXposey. He will show you how your team’s attitude is creating ordinary results and how a little S-EX can make a huge difference to your bottom line. He will show you how S-EX can change your team’s attitude and produce very S-EXy results.

Richard’s in-depth understanding of motivation in the workplace and his ability to get the message across to your team in an interesting and often hilarious manner makes this 60-minute Keynote a winner. Laced with humour and innuendo this presentation will change the way in which your team manages their attitude and create an environment where extraordinary results are commonplace.

If you are looking for a S-EX change you have come to the right place.

This is what the critics are saying…

“Richard has changed my attitude towards S-EX”

– Paris Hilton

“Very S-EXy”

– Hugh Hefner

“I thought I knew about S-EX until I saw this presentation”

– Rosie Cheeks

“This is a load of Rubbish. In my day we never had S-EX”

– George Bush

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