Sales Leaders Coaching Program

Sales Leaders Coaching Program

  • Are you an experienced sales leader who would like to take your team to the next level?
  • Are you ready to share your challenges and learn how to find better solutions?
  • Do you want to sharpen the skills needed to accomplish your tasks?
  • Have you hit that glass ceiling and are looking to break through?
  • Do you feel that you are not yet expressing your true brilliance as a sales leader?

Do you want to solve some or all of these leadership issues?

I have three primary objectives for clients in this program.

1. To work with you to help you lead your sales team to achieve their targets.

2. To support you and give you the confidence to apply the programs you develop.

3. To help you regain your enthusiasm for the work you do, your company and your career.


What you can expect from this program

1. More Clarity about what it takes to lead a sales team.

2. More Confidence with applying the skills required to get the team to achieve their targets.

3. More Courage to look for real growth in the company.

4. More Focus to have a very clear idea of where you are going and how to get there.

5. More Understanding of the challenges involved in Sales Leadership and how to solve them.

6. More Fun. Once you understand where you are going and how to get there your work will become a great deal of fun.

Akua Maafo-Dosoo

By far you have impacted the success rate of our company. We are most grateful.

James Cunningham

Within a very short space of time, everyone was involved and thinking about what needed to happen if we were to achieve our goal. I had thought that the goal setting itself would take far longer, but it became apparent what everyone had in mind.   Your ability to get the goal established quickly, so that we could concentrate on what needed to be done…

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Glen Isserow

We noticed that our Durban sales manager was lacking motivation, so we contracted Richard to wave his magic hand and sprinkle some of his gold dust. Richard embraced the task and set about changing the attitude and working with the senior manager to realign his sales methods, sales executive management skills and reporting processes. Our doors will always be open and look forward to working…

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How the process works

I work with you as an individual, understanding that you have special needs, unique goals and singular talents.

In our coaching sessions, we’ll work to build your sales leadership knowledge and skills to produce consistent results.

I work in partnership with my clients as a coach who helps develop clarity, direction, goals, and plans and then works to successfully develop and implement those plans.

I don’t lead my clients’ sales teams. Rather I help them learn and ultimately master the concepts, approaches, and actions necessary to lead successful sales teams.


What does this coaching process look like?

I work with clients typically from six to twelve months (when you’re done, you’re done).

We’ll meet by Zoom Video or by phone for 60 to 75 minutes, usually twice a month.

We’ll engage in in-depth conversations during each session where we’ll create your future, make plans to get there and face any obstacles fearlessly.

I’ll share proven sales management ideas and strategies with very specific how-tos and help you understand what to do and how to do it.

You’ll leave each session with clarity about what to work on next, including step-by-step plans. And I’ll hold you accountable for taking action.

Between sessions, you’ll work on assignments to learn more about sales leadership, develop strategies and materials and then implement what you learn.

You’ll have access to me by email between sessions if needed. If you have a question, need a resource or want some quick feedback, you don’t need to wait until your next individual session.

You’ll fill out a Client Report Form before each session to let me know what you’ve been working on between sessions. This helps us get off to a fast start each session.

Complete the questionnaire

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Does this coaching program come with a guarantee?

I am so confident that this program will give you what you’re looking for that I offer this guarantee of satisfaction:

“Once you’ve completed the program (a minimum of 6 months), I guarantee that you will have received at least ten times the value for the time and money you’ve invested. If you have not, I will continue to work with you individually for as long as it takes until you have received that value.”

What is the next step?

If you would like to explore this Sales Leadership Coaching Program, you start by completing the questionnaire here:

I only have space to take on 6 Sales Leaders in this program at this time so it is important to fill out the questionnaire straight away.

When you fill out the questionnaire, I want to feel your commitment, passion, and desire to succeed as a Sales Leader. I only accept people into this program that have that level of dedication to success.

You will then get an email from me within 24 hours suggesting a time and date when you can attend the first 30 minute assessment session. In this session, I’ll learn about you, your business, your current situation, goals, and leadership challenges and it will become clear very quickly if the Sales Leadership Coaching Program is for you or not. You will not be charged for the assessment session.

If we decide there’s a good fit, I’ll invite you to work with me. During that meeting we will discuss fees and commitment.