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Getting That Appointment


When you are using the telephone to make an appointment please remember you are only selling the appointment. If you give them too much information about the product or service you are giving them too much to object to. There is a very good script that I picked up about 15 years ago that will help you to sell the appointment. It is not my script but I have changed it from the original and I have found it to be very effective.

“John Smith please.”
“John Smith speaking.”
“John, This is (Your Name) from (Your Company).

“John, has my name been mentioned to you recently?”
Or “Has Peter Brown mentioned my name to you recently?”
Or “I are calling about the email I sent to you, do you recall it?”
“Yes” or “No” or “Maybe” or “Don’t Know”

“The reason for the call today John, as you may be aware, (Your Company) have recently developed an idea on ( insert great feature here) for people in positions like yourself and I would be happy to drop by and give you the opportunity of seeing it. I am calling today to say that I will be in your area tomorrow around three and wondered, would you be there for about 7 minutes.”

“Fine, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow around three.” Hang up.

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This is a very soft approach and there is very little to object to in the script. The reason it works is because of those two unusual numbers: “around 3” and “about 7 minutes”.

Traditional sales people will make an appointment on the hour or half hour. Someone who is going to pop in “around 3” is someone a great deal more self assured and relaxed, and probably going to be less aggressive than other sales people.

And the “about 7 minutes” appointment time packs in a whole lot of interest: In only 7 minutes you can explain the value of the product to the prospect. No one will believe you when you say “5 minutes” or “10 minutes” but “7 minutes” is disarming and curious.

Of course if the client likes your product and starts to ask you questions and have a conversation with you tomorrow around 3, then it is the client extending the appointment, not you.
If you have not tried this script then I recommend that you give it a go, it is very effective.


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