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How to test your sales attitude



How to test your sales attitude


Developing the skills to sell is easy. There are many great sales trainers, books, training courses, DVDs and sales coaching websites that will give you the skills. The hard part about becoming a great salesperson is not getting the skills but developing the attitude to use the skills.

All the great sales people agree. Selling is 30 % skills and 70% attitude, but do you have the right attitude to sell? Try this little test:

• Do you jump out of bed each morning looking forward to the day ahead?

• Do you phone 20 new prospects every morning even though it is not your favorite pastime?

• Do you enjoy doing the paperwork knowing that an analysis of your results will help you perform better next month?

• Do you get motivated when 10 people say “no”, knowing that, by the law of averages, the next 5 will say yes (if you have a 33% strike rate)?

• Do you keep in contact with your prospects once they have said “no” to continue to form closer relationships looking forward to your next opportunity to quote?

• Do you keep your car clean at all times in case your next best customer pulls up beside you at the traffic lights?

• Do you have your business cards in your pocket when you go to party?

• Do you love the product or service you represent? (I mean truly, passionately, love it.)

• Do you look forward to Monday as being another day when you can help a prospect solve a problem?

• Are you proud of the work you do when you talk to your friends?

• Do you dress for your customers or do you just wear what you wore yesterday because it isn’t too creased this morning?

• Do you take responcibility when you lose a customer or do you blame other people or other things?

• Are you always trying to improve your strike rate?

• Have you asked your boss to lower your salary and increase your commission lately?

• Have you ever given a really good prospect to a colleague, knowing that they have a better chance of pulling that one in?

• Do you practice a successful meeting outcome on the way to the meeting?

• Do you feel motivated when the boss gives you difficult targets to meet?

• Do you get excited when the prospect raises an objection?

• Do you always try the “close” at every meeting with the prospect?

• Do you feel a thrill when your customer tells you that you are not the cheapest?

• Do you love to be a salesperson?

If you have answered “No” to any of these questions then your attitude may be holding you back a little. If you have answered “no” to more than half of these questions then you could easily double your closing rate by working on your attitude.

The challenge here is not to become a victim. When reading the above list did you find yourself saying something like; “My attitude would be better if my Boss was better” or “My attitude would change in a shot if only I was paid a better wage.”

It is too easy to blame something or someone else for what is going on inside your own head. You are in control up there. If your attitude is not right; FIFO (Fix It or … Find Other employment).


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