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Referrals – 4 Tips



Referrals – 4 Tips


We talked before about the importance of getting referrals. A referral is not just a new prospect, a referral is a friend of a friend, and if you treat them in this way a referral can easily be converted into a customer.

The real thing to consider here is that every one of your customers knows somebody you could be doing business with but are not at the moment. We talked before about always asking for referrals “Just before I go, John, do you know of anybody else I could be doing business with?”

There are other things you need to consider when trying to get referrals.

1. Take Referrals to your customers

Most of your customers are in business so they also want referrals to help their business grow. Maybe you can think about who you can refer to them before you ask for them to refer people to you.

2. Trade Referrals

Along the same lines you can trade referrals. “If I give you five ov mine will you give me five of yours.”

I remember doing this as a young sales person and while it would not work for me now, it may work for you.

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3. Reward Referrals

It is important to say thank you when you get a referral from a customer of course, but it is also important to keep him informed about the progress of the referred customer and then, when you secure the business, send the customer who gave you the referral a little gift to say thank you. A restaurant voucher for instance, or a branded pen. Just something small to let him know you really appreciate the referral.

4. Set a target for referrals.

Sales People are target driven. If we don’t have a target for referrals we will probably not work hard to get them. It is human nature. If you set a target for referrals of say 10 a week, you will have to get 2 a day. This is a good target to start with but you will find, if you work hard at it, that you will get many more than 10 a week.


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