Blog Post There are hundreds of ways to close a sale – Part 1

There are hundreds of ways to close a sale – Part 1



There are hundreds of ways to close a sale – Part 1


Every customer is different, every industry is different and all sales people are different, so it is very hard to say this is the best way to close a sale when there are so many different situations.
There are a few options here, however, and sales people tend to stick to what they know.

The most common close is the direct question close.

The Direct Question Close

‘Can I take your order now?’
‘When can we start?’

The challenge with the direct close question is that you will often get the delayed answer. ‘That’s a big decision I will give it some thought and come back to you tomorrow’ And do they ring back? Not usually!

The most successful way to close the sale is the Alternative close.

The Alternative Close

‘Will you be taking the red or the blue?’
‘Will you be paying cash or would you like us to arrange credit for you?’

This close is excellent but doesn’t work in all situations. Consider some of the following:

The Minor Point Close

‘Do you prefer metallic red?’
‘Will you take the one with the handle on top?’
‘Will you take the 24 speed drive?’

This minor point close question is less direct and therefore easier to answer, but the alternative close is better.


The Order Form Close

This applies best to suppliers of retail outlets.

The salesman has his order form out when he enters the store. Having greeted the manager, he goes to check the stock of his products on the shelves. Hopefully, he has the manager in tow, so that he can discuss the sales of the products as he goes. He will have last week’s stock with him, so he can see what lines are moving and what are not. By counting the number of items required to bring them back to the stock level and filling in the form as he goes, the salesman simply needs the manager’s authority on the bottom of the page and the sale is complete. Of course, the good salesman will also take the opportunity of introducing and giving the details of any new lines, as he goes but the sale can be finished in just a few minutes and with very little hassle.

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The Compliment Close I

Customer: ‘Those peaches you sold me last week were great. They went very quickly.’
Sales person: ‘Fantastic. I’ll put you down for a couple of cases this week.’

The Compliment Close II

Sales person: ‘My company is so impressed with the way you display our products and I can see that you are getting the reward through increased sales. We at XYZ Company take great pleasure in dealing with our more professional customers and that is why I have been authorised to offer you a greater discount, if you could expand our shelf space slightly to display these new lines’.


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