Blog Post There are hundreds of ways to close a sale – Part 2

There are hundreds of ways to close a sale – Part 2



There are hundreds of ways to close a sale – Part 2


In part one of this post I talked about the following close types

  • – The Direct Question Close
  • – The Alternative Close (The most likely to get the ‘Yes’ you are looking for)
  • – The Order Form Close
  • – The Compliment Close


There are many other types of close you may like to consider:

The Advantage List Close

This is used for customers who are already purchasing similar products from a competitor. When you have completed the sales process, and the customer is still unsure, try the following:

Customer: ‘Well, that sounds all very nice but I’m going to have to think it over. We’ve been with ABD Supplies for a long time now.’
Sales person: ‘I understand Mr. Customer, loyalty is a valuable thing. Perhaps I can help you make a comparison between our two companies.’

Without waiting for a reply, take out a sheet of paper and draw a line down the centre of the page. Now write down the name of your competitor at the top of the left column and ask him to call out all their benefits. I am sure that I don’t have to remind you, not to help too much at this stage.

Now write the name of your company on the right hand side of the page. Involving the customer, list all the benefits of your product that you have agreed with the customer, in the column with your company name on top. This gives you a chance to remind him how good your product is.

Compare the list and you should be able to cross out the benefits that are on both sides of the page, leaving (hopefully) a list on your side that is longer than the list on the competitor’s side.

Having won a point here, don’t go for the kill, give a little back and say the following:

Sales person:  ‘Of course you would like to compare both companies, while they are working for you, so why not split the business between us and take your time with the comparison.’

Customer: ‘That’s a good idea, then I can let Fred down gently and give you a chance to live up to your promises at the same time.’

Often, a customer who has been dealing with one of your competitors for a long time will be hard to shift because of the personal relationship with the other sales person. Hopefully, that applies to your own long-standing customers as well.

The Secondary Question Close

Customers don’t like to make decisions on the big question but are often quite happy to decide on the smaller things, leaving the big question irrelevant.
Sales ‘The only decision we have to make today is how soon you’ll be enjoying the benefits of the new catering service. By the way, what colour scheme have you chosen for the restaurant, the red or the blue?’
Customer: ‘Oh.. blue, I think.’
Sales person: ‘Great that’s my choice too. Now all we need to do, is sign this order and we can get things moving.’

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The Similar Situation Close

Sales person:  ‘The company down the road had a similar problem with the flow of hot fluids but they installed these new pumps and they have never looked back. If I can get your order today, I can probably get my team in by the end of the week.’


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