Selling at your Higher Price – Keynote

Selling at your Higher Price

Developing a quality image to command your premium price


It is easier to sell the higher priced product but few sales people understand this principle. Price is not the only issue as far as your customers are concerned, value is what matters and in this work we discuss how to get your quality message across to your customers so that you can achieve your premium price

  • – Learn how to avoid price as the major issue in the sale
  • – Discover why it is easier to sell the higher priced product
  • – Increase your strike rate and your profit margin
  • – Find out how to get across your quality message

Far too often our sales teams see price as the only issue. This is a mistake that can get in the way of developing new profitable opportunities. In this work we will discuss how to get past price barriers, handle price objections, and close more, higher priced sales.

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