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Do you have a “One Sheet”?



Do you have a “One Sheet”?


A speaker profile sheet, sometimes called a “One Sheet” is an essential document if you are intending to speak at conferences and conventions. A traditional “One-Sheet” is just one page with enough information to get the potential customer interested. I have found that I cannot put everything on just one page so I have a two page one sheet.

A good speaker profile will include the following:

  • A brief biography
  • Media coverage that you’ve had to date
  • Detail of keynote speeches you offer.
  • A list of recent speaking gigs (paid or unpaid)
  • A link to your showcase video
  • A couple of well-phrased client testimonials
  • Your speaker headshot
  • Your web links
  • Details about any publications, awards, professional bodies or other impressive info

A brief biography

Your brief biography should be no more than 300 words and only include items that will be of interest to the potential client. There is no reason to mention that you have 7 children unless you are speaking on family issues. Your awards and publications will come later so this section tells your brief story and why you would be a good choice for the client.

Media Coverage

If you have appeared on TV or radio mention it here. A single TV interview gives you considerable credibility.

Detail of keynote speeches you offer

You may have 20 different keynotes, one for every occasion, but that information is not on your speaker profile. The client doesn’t want to know that you are a jack of all trades, so mention just two or three keynotes within a similar niche. Of course, there is nothing wrong with having two different one-sheets for two different kinds of audiences, although I would also argue against this.

Write a brief description of each Keynote and make sure it is compelling.

A list of recent gigs

Your potential client wants to know you are busy and that you have successfully done similar conventions in the past. List a few of your latest triumphs or perhaps major corporates that you have dealt with recently.

A Link to your Showcase Video

We all need a video that we can impress our clients with and this must be professionally created to give you the best chance of getting that gig.

Client Testimonials

You should actively ask for testimonials and use them here

Your HiDef Pic

Again it is worthwhile spending money here for a perfect professional picture. Just one gig will pay for the pic and a good picture may make the difference.

Your Web links

Ideally create a QR code to link to your website.

Details of publications and awards.

This is where you can boast about the books you have written, articles published and  awards received.

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