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Getting published in Magazines and Papers



Getting published in Magazines and Papers


Magazines and Papers are always looking for stories that their audience would be interested in reading. Getting your article published is not all that difficult if you start with your local paper or free magazine. Publishers are always looking for good articles and you are already writing your blog so similar articles may be appropriate for them as well.

Newspapers and magazines love to run stories that their audience likes to read and will help solve problems, therefore your interesting information can easily be turned into a news story, as long as it is relevant to the media’s target audience.

If you want to have your articles published you will need to be focused. Buy and read the magazine or newspaper you want to be published in. Come to terms with the style of the other writers and the audience they are writing for.

Once you think you have that right, write the article specifically for them. It is a mistake to write an article and send it to a number of different publications. Newspapers and magazines like unique articles that are focused on their readership.

Industry magazines are a huge opportunity here because their readership will probable be your target market as well. You may also offer a weekly column if you have particular expertise in an area that will be of interest to the readers of the newspaper or magazine.

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