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Getting on Radio and TV



Getting on Radio and TV

It may seem impossible for many of us to get on Radio and TV or be interviewed for an article in a newspaper or Blog but, in fact, producers and journalists are looking for content all the time. The first rule about striving for media coverage is don’t expect to wait until they come to you. They have probably never heard of you, read your book or heard you speak so you have to go to them. In addition, don’t start with Oprah. If your target is to be featured on Oprah you will have to start with the local radio stations and build up to the top. Start with your local radio station. Listen to the programs and find out which would be most appropriate for you to be invited to. You will need a good story or a good reason for them to interview you but remember the producers are always looking for a good story. Once you have your story pitch it to the producer of the radio program. Do not address your email to “The Producer” find out their name and use it. Do the research and indicate that you have listened to the program and you feel your story would be a good fit. Remember they are not interested in you as such, they are interested in their audience (or rather the advertisers who pay for the advertising time while you are being interviewed). Make sure you mention how the audience will benefit from your interview. Think about offering 5 copies of your book for their listeners or 10 places at your next seminar. Radio stations love to be able to give their audience something. I know what you are thinking, “It’s not that simple!”. Actually it can be that simple so give it a go and let me know how you get on.

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