Blog Post Is your Keynote Relevant?

Is your Keynote Relevant?



Is your Keynote Relevant?


Is your keynote relevant for every audience?

Dan Kennedy is quoted as saying “It is easier to find a new audience than it is to write a new speech”

Some speakers have developed a really well crafted keynote and travelled the world saying the same things to different audiences three times a week for 10 years. Some even get asked back to the same audience to do the same speech again. Some do, but this type of speaking engagement is slowly dying. Most audiences want relevant, up to date, focused material so don’t expect to develop just one speech for the rest of your life.

In addition, here in South Africa there are not that many audiences to go around. You will need to be extra special if you are going to make a living, so make sure you research your audience and have up to date material for every presentation.

I had the pleasure of working with John Cremer ( from the UK at the World Management Forum in Iran. His presentation on personality types is very interesting and entertaining but he made it more relevant to his audience by researching and using famous Iranians as stereotype personalities. This customising of his standard presentation gave him a well deserved standing ovation. Three years later I was in the audience when he gave the same presentation in Cape Town with South African personalities as examples. The resulting audience appreciation was the same. Graeme Codrington has been known to stay up all night to build local content into his keynote for the following morning and if he can do it so can we. Is it any surprise that Graeme is one of the busiest speakers in the world.

Research the audience and adjust your material to fit. It’s the only way.

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