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Speaking is very often a lonely business. Unless you have a team of people around you, you will work alone, travel alone, and even when you are on stage with 1,000 people in the audience, you are, in many ways, still alone. There are some wonderful organisations around the world grouped together under the GSF banner (Global Speaker’s Federation) that will provide you with other lonely speakers to meet with on a regular business and tell each other how busy you are. Track down your local organisation from the GSF website.

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Once you have joined your local branch of the speaker association in your country, search out likeminded people to create a mastermind group. There may already be one or two mastermind groups amongst the members and you may be able to join an existing group or make one of your own. The purpose of this group is to meet separately from the other members to discuss ways you can grow your speaking skills or your speaking business.

Once you are involved in a mastermind group you are no longer alone and you have colleagues to bounce your ideas off similar to a corporate environment. The other members of the group turn into business advisors and you help them as well. A mastermind group of 5 people will extend your network 5 times and much of your business comes from your network. In addition you can start to promote each other. I read about a mastermind group in Australia who called themselves “The Tight Five” ( they play a lot of rugby in Australia). They have very successfully managed to advertise themselves as a group rather than individual speakers. Very clever!

Your group will help you to think bigger and with bigger ideas you get bigger solutions.

You can mentor each other, keep each other on track and make sure you live up to the commitments you made at the previous meeting. In my Mastermind group in Durban some years ago one of the members committed himself to a fitness and diet program that included a can of beer for each member of the group each time he wavered from his commitment. At the next meeting he off loaded a number of cases of beer from the car and told us he gave up counting half way through.

Okay, so it doesn’t always work out as expected but the rest of us didn’t need to buy beer for a while.

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