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The Mother City


I have moved to Cape Town. This is not such a dramatic thing, plenty of people see the light and move to Cape Town, but now that I have taken the plunge and moved, I cannot imagine why I didn’t do it years ago. Cape Town is wonderful!

Calling Cape Town the Mother City has always interested me. Why does it have such a name? I figured now I am here I should find out, so I Googled it of course (what else?)

There seems to be little agreement about the reason. Some people say that the phrase “The Mother City” comes from the original Greek translation of Metropolis (Metro – Mother, Polis – City). This sounds credible of course but hard to prove. Another explanation goes back to the original settlers who arrived in Cape Town and nicknamed the city as the first settlement that all others developed from.

There are other explanations, of course, some not too complimentary and others “tongue in cheek”. My favourite explanation will not appear in Google I don’t think.

About 7 years ago I was working with Brandon Bays (Author of “The Journey”). Brandon is an amazing American woman who had a major tumour which she cured by the strength of her own will. Her book is all about the emotional journey she had to take to cure herself and how we can all learn from her experiences. There is a lot more to it than that, but essentially that’s it.

Brandon travels the world talking about her experiences and teaching others to go on their own emotional journey and when she was first in Cape Town I heard her remark that coming here is like coming home. Cape Town is not necessarily in the centre of Africa but it feels like the heart of Africa (the Mother if you like). It is only now that I fully understand what she meant.

It seems that the first humans on the earth were in South Africa and while the oldest remains have been discovered closer to Johannesburg who is to say that they are the very first. Maybe in the distant future, Cape Town will be discovered to hold the very first human beings so the Mother City may well be the Mother of all Cities in the world. Who can say? It certainly feels like the Garden of Eden right now.

There is something about this place which I cannot describe, but that I feel very strongly. Coming here is like coming home and while I will continue to travel extensively, Cape Town is where I will always end up.

So I am now in Cape Town. If there are any Capetonian clients who would like more of my time, well, I am probably just round the corner.

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