Blog Post Have you written a book yet?

Have you written a book yet?



Have you written a book yet?


Write your book

There are some successful speakers out there who haven’t written a book, but not many. Some become successful and then write, others write to help them become successful. Either way, writing a book makes a lot of sense for speakers. The academic community have a saying: ‘Publish or Perish’. Most speakers don’t come from that background but I would suggest that the same applies in the speaking industry.

My advice is to write your book as you start your speaking business for the following reasons:

You have time

You may think you are busy right now but wait until you are speaking 4 days a week and the only time you have left to write is in hotel bedrooms.

Writing helps you focus your ideas

When you have an idea for a presentation it will probably be in pictures in your mind. To convert it into words when you are up on stage is an impossible challenge. Converting your ideas into words and ultimately a book helps you focus those ideas into a meaningful dialogue.

You gain credibility

When you are the author of a book you automatically become the Authority on the subject.

Something to sell

If they like you, when an audience leaves the room they want to take you home with them. (The Power of the Platform). They can’t do that of course so the next best thing is to buy your book. My experience suggests that they don’t actually read your book, they just want to hang onto it for a while and absorb the material by osmosis. I have sold over 100,000 books in the last 22 years and I don’t imagine that half of them have actually been read.

Having something to sell may make the difference between feeding the children and letting them go to bed hungry.

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