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Eberhard Niklaus

When I started my speaking career a year ago, I came across Richard Mulvey’s “52 Week Speaker Development” program and thought that this is just what I need; a mentor who has decades of experience to learn from. It was with excitement that I commenced the program, as I looked forward to learning from someone who was already a success for many years. Richard’s course helped me develop many skills and techniques as a speaker and trainer. The weekly content was enlightening, practical and gave me focus and direction. The program covers everything from how to be a good speaker to marketing your services, as well as many “tips and tricks” for someone just starting out. It includes voice quality, making your own video clips, social media advertising, developing a keynote speech, developing sales strategies, organising your own events, and so much more. What the program did for me was instil confidence and enthusiasm. The course also provides for regular Skype chats with Richard himself. I would certainly recommend this program for any aspiring speaker.
Eberhard Niklaus
Eberhard NiklausMotivational and Sales Speaker

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