The Sales Meeting

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The Sales Meeting

The Sales Meeting is a weekly free webinar to share ideas to help you grow your selling skills.

Regular attendees will have access to new selling skills and be reminded of old ones that still work. In this live webinar each person attending will have the opportunity to ask questions and offer suggestions so we can all grow together. This is a great opportunity to get yourself and your team motivated for the week ahead.

The Sales Meeting will be every Tuesday from 08:15 to 08:45. Just 30 minutes of your day, with the week ahead to practice what you learn. At the end of each session the delegates will be challenged to apply the skills and return the next week with the results to share.

During the session those people who attend will also find out about special offers and be eligible for regular prizes.

The Sales Meeting will be facilitated by Richard Mulvey SAHoF SdPFA, award winning speaker and author with 25 years experience in teaching selling skills around the world.

Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your customer base and close more sales.

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Who should attend?


Your sales team, sales managers and anybody who has to sell in the company.