The Selling Revolution

The Selling Revolution

The Selling Revolution Online, Live Sales Training

Take advantage of new techniques to nurture prospects, close more deals, and exceed your targets.

“It is not the strongest salespeople that will survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.”

A paraphrased Charles Darwin.

The profession of selling is on the verge of a revolution that will change it forever.  Early adopters who have embraced this revolution are experiencing a significant competitive advantage that is causing their sales production and market share to explode.

Although technology is a powerful sales tool that cannot be ignored, the coming revolution will not be a technological one, but a psychological revolution.  It will not be based on selling better products or services, but on selling products or services better.

The Selling Revolution one day live online training course will introduce you to the new techniques that the best sales people are already using to close more deals and exceed their targets.

The old versions of the Hunter and the Farmer sales person are no longer the leaders in selling. There is a new breed of sales person called the Chef.

The Chef salesperson is creative, adaptive and willing to experiment to serve something of value to their clients. Customers no longer want a brochure on two legs, rather they are looking for a colleague who will work to implement the customer’s predefined solution. Finally the professional salesperson will take the lead.

Selling Revolution with Mulvey and Kemp

In the Selling Revolution live online sales training course will explore the following:

Developing Client Solutions

  • – Becoming part of their team
  • – Becoming part of their business profitability
  • – Becoming a colleague

Developing your own Sales Recipe Book

  • – Research – Research – Research
  • – New Prospecting
  • – Regular long distance contact
  • – The professional use of sales utensils

Powerful Personal Branding

  • – Demonstrating useful expertise
  • – Upgrading your online presence
  • – Developing a valuable network

Selling Value not Price

  • – Understanding the sales equation
  • – Closing more profitable business

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This event is available in both African and Malaysian time zone.

How this will work

The interactive training will be provided online, on a platform called Participants will have an access code and will need to use a computer with a microphone and camera so that everyone can engage will all the people in the virtual room. These sessions will be highly interactive. The value of online sales training includes:

1. No traveling required
2. Delegates are trained in the comfort of their own home or office
3. Delegates can choose their own device (Laptop, Phone, Tablet etc.)
4. Online training is very cost effective
5. In advance of the training each delegate will receive a downloadable workbook to refer to during the course and a copy of Richard’s new book ‘The Power of Positive Selling’ to download after the course.
6. Delegates will also receive 6 months free subscription to Richard Mulvey’s online business school (valued at $120)

We are presenting this training online to demonstrate two valuable insights: there are technologies that you can use to connect with your clients and offer new solutions for them, and there is probably a much broader patch of clients that you can nurture, if you access some online tools to do so.

There will be four sessions during the day with decent body breaks between them for participants’ minds to process the learning. A workbook will be emailed to delegates before the training for them to use for notes, insights and discussion.

Details and Investment

The full day online training course is available as follows:

23 January 2019 (South Africa zone) 09:00 – 16:00 (UTC +2)
24 January 2019 (Malaysia zone ) 09:00 – 16:00 (UTC + 8)

Your investment for this training is as follows:

  • – South Africa R1,750
  • – US Dollar $120
  • – Malaysia RM500

Including a copy of Richard’s new book ‘The Power of Positive Selling’ ebook (valued at $20) and 6 months subscription to Richard Mulvey’s online Business School (valued at $120).


Invoices can be paid by EFT or PayPal (Credit Card) payments.

Your Presenters

Authors, speakers and trainers, Richard Mulvey and Charlotte Kemp have been training clients for decades on sales skills, online presence and futures thinking. They travel extensively to encounter new insights and to strengthen their network.

Richard and Charlotte are in Kuala Lumpur at the moment and are available for any training at your premises until the 25th January.

This photo was taken with our colleague, Jonathan Low, Past President of the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS) and Past President of the Global Speakers Federation, at a recent MAPS meeting in December.

Training in Malaysia

Richard Mulvey

The International Sales Guru

  • – 25 years experience in speaking and training around the world
  • – 20 Books published (8 best sellers)
  • – Inducted into the Southern Africa Speaker Hall of Fame
  • – Received the Founders Award (The highest award for a South African Speaker)

Charlotte Kemp

Futures Alchemist

  • – 15 years speaking and online training experience
  • – 3 Books
  • –  Chapter President of PSASA’s Virtual Chapter
  • – Past Secretary to the Global Speakers Federation

Who should attend?


Your sales team, sales managers and executives, marketing teams and change managers.

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This event is available in both African and Malaysian time zone.