Blog Post Your belief system rules your life – Part 2

Your belief system rules your life – Part 2



Your belief system rules your life – Part 2


When I left school I was at a loose end for a while. I was not good academically. I struggled with spelling at school and that affected most subjects in those days and while I just about passed that was all I could manage.

After School I was not sure what I should do so my Mother said to my Father “What about taking Richard into the business with you?” My Father was a successful businessman with branches of his business all over the UK so I am sure he could have found something for me but he said “What? Richard? In my business? What would he do? He can’t write, he can’t spell. What could he do in the Business?”

So there was a man whom I respect, telling me I could not write and that went into my belief system. I didn’t write my first book until I was 45 years old, and to write that first book I had to battle with my belief system. I have 18 books published now and many more on the way but I had to get beyond my belief system to do it.

What is in your belief system that is holding you back?

Last year I was running one of the two-day sales training courses that have become very popular over the last few years and during the break I was having a cup of tea with one of the young delegates. She took one sip of her coffee and made a face “Yuck… this milk is off,” she said.

“That is funny I said, I have had the same milk in my tea and it is fine.”

Then she said something very strange, “I hate Tuesday!” Now this was very odd because we were not talking about Tuesday at all.

“Tuesdays are horrible,” she went on. “I was late this morning, but I am always late on a Tuesday. My assignment was wrong and now the milk is off in my coffee. Why are Tuesdays always bad days?”

“That’s strange,” I said. “I quite like Tuesdays. But then again, I like Mondays as well, and the rest of the week is pretty good as well, I wonder why you hate Tuesday?”

“I have no idea,” she said. “But I hate Tuesdays!”

It was then time to get back to the training course so we could not continue the discussion.
About half an hour later during a particularly intense part of the course on Negotiation skills she put up her had and, at the same time said “I know what it is!”

Nobody else in the room had any idea what she was talking about but she went on. “I remember that when I was 12 years old we had a large family and I had to do the washing up on a Tuesday, and I hate washing up! I remember lying in bed after I had been called on Tuesday morning pretending to be asleep because when I wake that would start the day that would end with me having to do the washing up. Tuesdays have been bad to me since then.”

Belief systems are very strange things, they are designed to hold you back, not to take too many risks and to keep the “Status Quo”. This is no good if you want to change the life you have now (the Status Quo), and to do that you have to change your belief system first.

What is in your belief system that is holding you back?

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