Blog Post Your belief system rules your life – Part 4

Your belief system rules your life – Part 4



Your belief system rules your life – Part 4


Positive affirmation is saying to yourself on a regular basis that you are what you want to be. You Do Not Have To Believe It Just Yet! Just repeat it over and over again when you are on your own, in the car driving to work, on your way home or having a shower in the morning. Anytime you are on your own you keep repeating to yourself what you want to be, eventually, your belief system will begin to believe it.

Say to the mirror every morning “I am the Greatest!” After a few days, the mirror will stop arguing with you. In a few weeks, your belief system will begin to be convinced. Imagine what sort of day you are going to have at work when you truly believe in your own greatness.

So the first step in getting beyond your limiting belief system is to positively affirm your goals on a very regular basis. I am told that Mohammed Ali would get his team to tell him that he is the greatest to add to the effect. Perhaps you could ask your wife or your husband to do the same thing, on second thoughts, perhaps not.

The other way to get beyond your belief system is to use your imagination. Your imagination is far stronger than your willpower and if you can imagine yourselves achieving your ultimate goals on a regular basis, you begin to convince your belief system that these goals are achievable.

Once you have defined your goals you should write them down and then every morning spend ten or fifteen minutes focusing your full imagination on the goals you would like to achieve. In this vision of your ultimate goals, you should use all of your senses to make the vision come to live.

For Instance: if one of your ultimate goals is to own and a seven bedroom farm in the Drakensberg, use your imagination to visualise that farm. Try now: Close your eyes and picture the farm that you would like to own.

Most people, if they are not well trained in visualisation, will see that vision has a 2D, black-and-white photograph. The first step in creating this vision is to change it to 3D and then convert that black and white image to colour. Now apply all of your other senses to that vision.

Imagine yourself walking down the path towards the main front door of the farmhouse. Here your feet crunching on the gravel path as you approached the door. Reach out and feel the door with your fingers. Feel the beautiful oak carving on the door. Pushed the door open and listen to the hinges straining as the heavy swings aside.

Walk into the farmhouse. Look down and see the beautiful parquet flooring in the entrance hall. Smell the polish on the floor. Walk to the window and feel the silk drapes. Look out of the window and see the garden at the back of the farmhouse. Listen to your children playing in the swimming pool. Smell the newly mowed grass as the gardener walks up-and-down with the lawn mower. Watch the birds flying past, and hear them call. Use all of your senses in this visionary picture of your ultimate goal.
If you can visualise your goals in this way, every single morning, very soon your belief system stops saying “I do not believe we can achieve this” and starts to say “why haven’t we achieved this yet?”

This technique of seeing your positive future is not new, for centuries, great achievers have been doing this. World-class sportsmen would never attempt that race or that match without visualising themselves winning in advance so that, when they get out on the field or on the racetrack, they have practised winning in their minds over and over again. In this way, winning becomes second nature to them.

Getting beyond your belief system is vitally important if you are going to achieve the greatness that is inside of you. Use these to techniques on a regular basis and you’ll be amazed how effective they can be.

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