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Plan to Win


I have recently started a new project. This is a substantial project that will probably take the next 10 years to bring to fruition and maybe $20 million to get it off the ground. Like all projects, it started with a thought. The thought shared with my wife grew into an idea. That idea was cemented into a vision. That vision became a commitment.

This is the big picture, the ultimate goal if you like, but it’s no good on its own, it has to be broken down into do-able chunks with a realistic time scale.

The trick here is not to make it too complicated or rigid. The best results are achieved with three levels of focus:  Long Term, Medium Term and Every Day.

Long term

Picture what you would like to achieve, your personal vision. Get input from the stakeholders. Write it down and keep rewriting it until you are happy with it.

Medium Term

Each year take the time to review your vision and update it, if necessary, then plan the coming year. Don’t dwell on what was not achieved last year, simply refocus and write down your goals for this year based upon the long-term achievement of your vision.

Break down your vision into do-able chunks. It is important to have a good idea of the overall vision but if the vision is worth having it may seem scary and impossible at the moment. Don’t spend time worrying about the things that are impossible, focus on what you can do and when they are achieved, the things that you thought were impossible will seem more achievable.

Every Day

Allocate at least fifteen minutes each day private time to focus on your long-term mission and medium term goals. Dream a little  As you plan your day make sure what you are doing contributes in some way to achieving this year’s goals which in turn, contributes towards your overall mission.

You should have your own personal mission in note form in your pocket. Take it out every day and visualise what it will be like to achieve this vision. This will help you stay on track.

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