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Richard Mulvey Kicked our Butts



Richard Mulvey Kicked our Butts


Four weeks ago a client (Mark Warncke from Waterfront Leathers in Cape Town) who had attended some of my seminars with his team 5 years ago approached me with the following challenge:

Your courses have been attended by ourselves and by our staff. We always find your courses very helpful good for staff morale, but do find that the results wear off very quickly and they go back to the same old habits in no time at all. We are a small company so cannot afford to keep attending courses from a cost as well as a time point of view as our shop is open from 9am till 9pm seven days a week. Perhaps you have some advice on this problem?

I replied straight away with the following:

My work in South Africa now, is mostly working “In-House” for companies like yours to make sure we can not only get the team to learn better skills, but also to turn those skills into habits and ensure they are applied forever.

So how do we do that?

I will generally work with sales teams on a two or three day basis to ensure they really learn the skills and buy into the need to apply those skills.

Because I work mostly with individual companies rather than public courses with many companies represented, I can concentrate on their products and methods of selling making the course material much more focused.

The courses are now highly interactive with plenty of opportunity for every individual to participate, share their experiences and learn from the others.

Because I am working in many cases with smaller groups, I am able to encourage the delegates to try out the skills and develop perfect automatic responses to things like Objections, Uncertainty, Close Opportunities, Opening Remarks, Uncovering the customer’s needs and providing solutions as well as correct body language and dialogue.

I like to have sales managers at the sales training if possible. This is not to train them new skills (I presume that they have the skills already), The purpose of them being there is to see what is being trained so that they can enforce the implementation of the new skills after the training. On two or three day courses I will also suggest that I spend a couple of hours with the sales manager in the evening to run through how best to manage the team to implement the new skills.

After every course I keep in touch with the sales team with a series of emails to remind them of the key issues we learnt and encourage them to apply them. I also encourage them to ask if they have any further questions about selling in their working environment. This offer of help has no time limit and I like to think of myself as the permanent sales consultant with any team I train.

Luckily Mark was refurbishing Waterfront Leathers and had a few days when he could do without the whole sales team as well as store managers, and this was our opportunity to make a difference.

After doing some research with local leather shops, I traveled to Cape Town and worked with the sales team for three days. We worked through what it takes to provide World Class service for their customers, how to create Raving Fans rather than just satisfied customers and how to make sure no customer leaves without making friends and hopefully buying some of the wonderful products at Waterfront Leathers.

I set up a small shop at the conference center where I was doing the training and we roll-played every possible customer interaction and finally put together a step by step action plan (click here to see the details) that will be certain to make sure Waterfront Leathers stands out as the best trained customer service staff in South Africa.

After the training finished Mark Warncke sent me an email that contained the following

“In conclusion may I compliment you on kicking our butts (I mean Chris, Richard and myself) and in the process re-energizing us.· We are happy that the investment in your training has been a very worthwhile and valued experience, far and exceeded our original aims. 

Should you require a recommendation to your email list as to how your seminar benefitted us above and beyond the original purpose, I will be happy to oblige.” Mark Warncke – CEO Waterfront Leathers -·email address: ·

Waterfront Leathers is launching their new shop very soon. I recommend you go down there and experience world-class customer service for yourself, and maybe buy a new leather wallet or purse, you know you need one!

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